Hot (or Cold) Off the Press!

Last week saw us host the first ever academic conference on the Disney film Frozen. The one-day conference, entitled Symfrozium, took place on Tuesday 12th May and was organised by Department colleagues Dr Sarah Godfrey and Dr Su Holmes. It caused, it must be said, quite a buzz in both the local and national press. So we thought we’d gather together some of this media coverage in a quick blogpost.

Local coverage included pre-event articles in the Eastern Daily Press and the Norwich Evening News. And on the day of the conference, ITV Local News had a video report on the conference, which they later published online at the end of this web report.

In the national press, The Sun took the opportunity to make an Olaf-related pun. There were also articles on the conference in The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. BBC Newsbeat also ran a feature article on the work of Dr Su Holmes on anorexia and Frozen, which she had presented on at the conference.

We will have a special conference report on Symfrozium for you on ‘And now, from Norwich…’ later this week, written by doctoral candidate Carolyn Rickards. So be sure to come back to read more about this event!

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2 Responses to Hot (or Cold) Off the Press!

  1. Lucy TB says:

    Absolutely fascinating – wish I’d been able to attend.


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