British cinema of the 1960s: The knack and how to get it…

Melanie Williams (@BritFilmMelanie)

My latest post online at Transformation and Tradition in Sixties British Cinema, the blogsite for the AHRC-funded research project co-hosted at UEA, discusses the young actress who was the toast of Cannes fifty years ago, and star of its grand prix winning film The Knack… and how to get it (1965), Rita Tushingham. Initially seen as ‘the ugly girl’ in press commentary of the early 1960s, around the time of her debut in A Taste of Honey (1961), Tushingham confounded traditional expectations of what a (female) film star should look like. By the mid-1960s, she was an archetypal figure of the age: quirky, wide-eyed, modern and funny, with an allure all her own. In the words of the Observer magazine, she was now ‘the girl with the knack’.

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The Knack

Other posts from members of the UEA-based project team feature discussions of British pop films, the work of composer John Barry, and the problems of deciding when the sixties actually begin (and end). Forthcoming attractions: cinema advertising (and a particularly intriguing hair dye campaign), genre parodies, and much much more…

By Melanie Williams

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